Ensure your pool is squeaky clean with our expert help. Contact Go Aqua UK for dependable water treatment and chemical supplies from our company based in Worcestershire.


Make sure your pool is perfectly clean for you to enjoy. We carry out quality chemical treatments to maintain spotless water, sparkling filters, and a well-cared for swimming pool. Our experts give your pool the regular treatment it requires to be suitable for use by swimmers. We rid your water of: 

  • Bacteria 

  • Viruses 

  • Algae 

  • Pathogens 

  • Dirt 

  • Chemicals

  • Microorganisms 

  • Pollutants



Contact us for water treatment whether you own a private pool, or are calling on behalf of a leisure centre of a public swimming pool. We ensure that the chemicals and pH levels are regulated, so your pool is always ready for use. 

Our experts also assess changes to your water to ensure bacteria does not spread. Call us today for more information, and we’ll arrange treatments and testing around your schedule.

We use two methods of testing the water supplied, through the WaterLink Spin Lab which is the latest piece of cutting-edge technology for the testing and maintenance of today’s swimming pools and spas. It is quick, easy and accurate.