High Quality Chemicals, Exclusively for Spas.


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To protect your health and to maintain your investment, the water in your spa requires the appropriate care. SpaTime is a BAYROL product range matched specifically to these requirements and takes into account the special conditions in your spa. 

SpaTime offers discerning spa owners easy-to-use, harmonised care products to keep the water in your spa clear, fresh and perfectly hygienic at all times.

Well being is also about the right water quality and the right balance. The pH value which affects the longevity of your spa, the ef cacy of the water care products and your well-being should be maintained between 7.2 – 7.6.Total alkalinity (TA) contributes towards the water quality and balance and should be checked regularly. 

To avoid undesired effects, quality issues and balance problems these values should be checked at least once per week and more often after a fresh fill. It is also important to note that the warm water of the spa tends to naturally increase the level of the pH and can result in calcium precipitations leading to turbidity in the water. ​


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