Filterclean Tab (formerly FilterShock Tab) is a patented 200 g chlorine tablet for dual disinfection of the sand filter.


The tablet disintegrates after approximately 10 minutes into two parts: The first component performs a rapid shock chlorination of the filter. The second component consists of slow dissolving chlorine granules, which remain on the filter bed. With the circulation pump running, this granular dissolves slowly, and carrys out an intensive disinfection of the filter material. The high chlorine concentration within the filter eliminates all dirt and bacteria, which will be removed during the next backwash.


A regular filter disinfection supports the efficacy of the water treatment products significantly, as they are not wasted in the filter already. A clean filter will allow the treatment products to be efficient where water disinfection is most important: in the pool.


Sales unit:

  • 1 kg can


Dosing information: 

  • Filter type: Sand filter
  • Volume: all
  • Where: in the skimmer
  • When: when required

Filterclean Tab

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