Protect & Shine is a ready-to-use liquid product with 2-in-1 formula. Protects the waterline against dirt deposits. For crystal-clear and sparkling pool water.


Dosing Instructions 
Shake canister before use. Pour the product undiluted into the pool while the circulation pump is running in front of the inlet nozzles. Allow the circulation pump to run for at least 12 hours after addition. The product may foam during use. Dosage: 40ml per 10 m3 every 7 days.


General Precautions



  1. Avoid getting spray into your eyes.
  2. Never mix with other chemicals including household cleaners as a dangerous reaction may occur.
  3. When pre-dissolving always add product to water not vice versa.



  1. Handle products in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.
  2. Wash hands after use.

Bayrol Protect & Shine 2ltr

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