Hazard warnings:


  • Can be corrosive to metals.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.

Product description:

This special liquid Calcinex prevents unsightly and difficult to remove limescale and metal deposits on cymbal walls and floors. Especially if you have very hard water, you should use this product. Not only does the limescale deposits in the swimming pool be prevented in the entire circulation system, including the filter system. Whether you care for your pool with chlorine, bromine or active oxygen - thanks to the special formula, Calinex is stable and contains its full effectiveness.

Liquid hardness stabiliser - Contains: phoshonbutane, tricarboxylic acid. Compatible with all disinfection methods

Add 300 ml per 10 m3 Calcinex immediately after filling the pool with the circulation pump running.


After dosing, leave the circulation pump for at least. run for two hours so that the product can spread well in the pool.

For water temperatures above 28 °C, it is recommended to increase the amount of the additive by 50%.

When adding fresh water after backwashing, a redosage is required.

Tip: the pool water must be constantly reversed The following rule of thumb is used to calculate the circulation time: water temperature: 2 = circulation time per day.

Important information: Never mix chemicals with other chemicals, either in solid form or in a concentrated solution. Calcinex prevents water discolouration by metals. Already unusual metals or discolouration can not be removed again. When making solutions always dose the product in water, not the other way round.

Recommended dosage: 300 ml per 10 m3.
Product function: prevents limescale and metal deposits.

Bayrol Calcinex 1ltr

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