Have you ever wanted a swimming pool? Here at Murtec ICD we are offering you the chance to get your dream pool. There are four types of swimming pools to choose from: On-Site Linear | Fibreglass | Linear Type | Concrete.

If you have any questions or would like guidance please do not hesitate to contact us today.


On-site lined swimming pools are constructed as standard liner pools but are installed with a 1.5mm thick reinforced lining system welded into the pool shell on site. Liners are welded over walk in steps and finished on step treads with non-slip material. Liners can be fitted to any shaped pool and are available in a choice of colour and patterns liner life is approx 20 years. These liners can also withstand high temperature and heavy use. Onsite lining can be used to refurbished old liners or concrete pools of all shapes.


One piece fibreglass swimming pools are supplied and delivered to site and craned into a prepared excavation with a reinforced concrete floor and backfilled with a lean mix concrete. Pool shells are factory fitted with all pipework, flow fittings and lights as required. Also, these can be supplied with built-in power covers, coping stone surrounds, pipework and filtration equipment similar to liner pools. Pools are available in a choice of sizes, shapes and some types are fully insulated so that installation time will be reduced.


This type of swimming pool can be installed at any size using steel or plastic panels bolted together, to form the pool walls or the most common construction in dense concrete blockwork pools. These can be shaped with a deep end or can be constant depth liner pools with a .030 thick liner vacuum fitted finish into the pool shell. These are available in a large choice of colour and patterns. 

Walk in steps are available in fibreglass bolted into the pool shell including shaped Roman end steps, pool walls are topped with standard white bullnose or natural Stone coping can be used to match surrounding paving. Underwater lighting is available as LED and can be colour changing. 

All pool Flow fittings are built into the pool walls and floor including skimmers, return to the pool, vacuum point and main drains in the pool floor. All fittings are piped underground to the pool plant room area and  the filtration equipment which would include a self-priming pump, sand filter and pool water heating of your choice. Pool liner life is approx ten years, and liners can also be easily renewed.


Concrete pools are constructed using reinforced shuttered concrete, and these are installed in any shape and size. All flow fittings are built into the pool shell, and then waterproof rendering is applied. Pools can be finished with a specialist waterproof plaster finish, or most common tiled with mosaic tiles, fixed with a waterproof adhesive.

Mosaic tiles are available in an extensive choice of colours, types of pattern tile bands, and motifs. Pool walls are usually topped with bullnose stone copings, tiled with natural stone copings, or ceramic tiles on indoor pools. 

Pipework is installed underground to the pool plant area, which includes the filtration equipment. Concrete pools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools.

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