Dosing Systems

Here at Go Aqua UK, we have a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers in our network. We can provide you with a host of applications for automatic dosing in your pool or spa and our expert engineers are trained to setup and install all types of dosing systems. Get in touch for a quote today.

BAYROL Dosing Units

Compact Controller.jpg

The Compact Controller combines the highest technological standard with optimum ease of use. A large colour touch display in 5" widescreen format combined with a logical menu structure provides a very simple and clear operation. A single touch on the screen is all you need to access the individual menu items or change a setting. All the relevant data is displayed in clear text and can be registered at a glance.

The menu is well-structured and the system is easy to use and to understand. Each menu item is also provided with context-related, meaningful help texts. Combined with its robust design, this means high functionality and the greatest possible reliability.

The Compact Controller with its inductive flow monitoring is a measuring and regulating device for chlorine and pH, it is mounted on a base plate and ready for connection to power.

Kuntze Dosing Instruments

The Krypton® systems by Kuntze range from single to multi-channel water monitoring systems with a host of applications for use including process water, disinfectant, pool & spa and wastewater to name a few.

The systems are manufactured in Germany and arrive ready assembled. Get in touch for more information.


Topline Dosing Systems


Topline are one of the largest manufacturers of swimming pool automatic dosing systems and offer reliable and robust products together with installation, on-site service and telephone technical support. The TEC controllers from their range, interface directly with variable speed drives to take active control of the pool circulation speed and manage energy consumption without compromising pool water conditions.